Community-Centric On-Line Contests

Interactive Community Contests for Business Awareness
Bringing customers to local merchants is our priority.

How Community Contests Works?

We use new technology, combined with a novel approach, to encourage consumers to visit many local business websites on an ongoing basis. This provides all merchants with more traffic and awareness.

Games We Offer

Discovery Games - players are asked questions; answers found on business sites
Scavenger Hunts - players visit sites online searching for treasures.

Why Games Work?

On-line games put more consumers on merchant sites than traditional marketing methods. Our on-line, community-centric games help businesses interact with local consumers in an innovative manner.
Consumers like prizes so are encouraged to visit sites.
Businesses win because they get extra visitors to view their sites.

[ How Scavenger Hunts Work ]       [ How Discovery Games Work ]

Games are ideal for chambers of commerce because chambers already have a large business membership. By following our process, your chamber can improve business interaction with consumers and increase membership.

Consider this ...

1. Businesses need to grow
2. Businesses need to keep mobile visitors
3. Your chamber needs to grow and increase revenues.

Prizes are dispensed. Games can be daily or weekly. A local website manages and promotes the games.
Consumers like prizes so are encouraged to visit sites.
Businesses win because they get extra visitors to view their sites.

.TEL Standards for Games

However, a standard needs to be set for managing the whole process, and that standard is facilitated with .TEL domains, specifically TelNames websites. TelNames websites provide small business with mobile-friendly contact information, image gallery and vouchers with built-in Apple Passbook integration.

As more and more consumers are using smartphones for searching, businesses and chambers alike must embrace the mobile wave.

Through our system, chambers now have opportunities to ...

1. Help businesses keep mobile-savvy consumers on-site
2. Help members expand their reach to all local consumers
3. Keep consumers coming back to local merchants
4. Virally increase the number of new members
5. Save chamber costs.

The Plan (for a Chamber of Commerce or Board of Trade)

Give Each Member a TelNames Domain
For a low annual cost, each member will have a mobile-ready, DIY website, designed to provide all the information a mobile or desktop consumer needs to stay on site. TelNames sites can be created in minutes and are perfect for local business. Those businesses with existing websites will also have a mirrored website that mobile visitors will see automatically. Only TelNames websites can be used because they are the only technology that provides a consistent mobile framework that our software can read.

Connect the TelNames sites through an on-line directory
An on-line directory is better suited than paper directories. Save production and printing costs by going on-line. The on-line directory lists all the member sites for the community game. It provides the knowledge for our software to know which business sites are in the game.

Create a Local Hunt or Game Website
Get an intriguing domain name for promoting your games for example or as well as a related Twitter page. License and embed our software into your new site and start creating and managing your games. Our software will interact with your on-line directory and TelNames sites, as well as managing visitors and winners.

Create and Manage Games
On-line scavenger hunts bring consumers directly to member stores and businesses. Our software manages these games, tweeting clues and coupon offers as needed, channelling consumers to visit sets of sites.

Define Your Prizes
Define and list your prizes. Prizes are from sponsors like member businesses, or from the chamber. See our FAQ for creative ways to generate prizes.

Promote your Games
A periodic ad in your local newspaper will get the community interested. Each member can also promote the game through word-of-mouth, email, Facebook, Twitter and other social media communications.

The Key to being found online from Adrian Snell (Telnic) on Vimeo.

Bulk discounts available for chambers - call Mark @ 416-726-4338.

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